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Louise's Interview with Kids Yoga Therapy of Australia

You don't want to miss this interview! Click HERE to watch the interview.

Louise Goldberg is the original mind behind using yoga for children with Autism & Special Needs. Louise started her journey 35 years ago and is a wealth of knowledge which you'll hear.

Louise is a certified Yoga Therapist and author of 'Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs' and 'Classroom Yoga Breaks'. Louise also offers training courses worldwide and continues to work with various organizations, schools and families to ensure they have the skills to benefit children.

All the way from Florida USA, Louise provides some incredible tips when introducing yoga to children with Autism and Special Needs at home and within the classroom.

If there was going to be someone to learn from or take advice from within the field of yoga therapy for children, it is Louise. It is a privilege to of had access to her and this just speaks to the woman she is. After 35 years her passion for helping children is obvious.

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